- Artistry Tropical: coconut juice, lychee, mint, coconut pearl
- Iced lime mojito tea
- Coconut juice
- Apple juice with mint 
- Cane juice
- Fresh lemonade with Mint



Orange juice, pineapple juice & grenadine built over ice 

Baby Bellini
Peach nectar & fresh lemon juice topped with sparkling apple cider

Crushed Peach Mocktail
Peach nectar built over ice & topped with soda water

Fake Manhattan
Cranberry, orange & lemon juice with grenadine shaken over ice, strained & served in a martini glass with a cherry

Red Berry Freeze
Strawberries & cranberry juice blended & topped with lemonade

Sunset Cooler
Cranberry, orange & lemon juice blended with ice & topped with dry ginger ale

Strawberry Apple Sparkler
Fresh strawberries blended with apple juice & ice & topped with soda water

Unfuzzy Navel
Orange juice, peach puree & grenadine blended with ice

Virgin Mary
Tomato juice, worcestershire sauce & lime juice built over ice with salt & pepper to taste & a stick of celery

Virgin Pina Colada
Pineapple juice & coconut cream blended with ice & served with a pineapple garnish

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Strawberries, lime juice & sugar blended over ice